Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Anastasia Sidiropoulou 25th July 2006

Have you ever been to a teen concert in your town? A concert that started at eight o’clock and ended half an hour after midnight and all the people watching it were teenagers aged from eleven to nineteen? I have, and I’ve got to tell you that it was awesome!

Two months ago on a sunny but cold afternoon a friend of mine, John, announced in the English class that his punk band “Psychosthenia” were going to give a live performance the following Saturday in the Town Centre. A few other bands were going to play live there too, and I knew almost all of them. I wouldn’t miss it no matter what! My friends Georgia, Charitini and Panagiota were dying to go too, so we arranged to meet at seven thirty.

The big day arrived and with it my friends and I at the concert. When the concert started some hip hop bands were on stage and we felt terribly bored. The audience was booing and some people were laughing at them, but after some hip hop music the real entertainment finally came on and we had a great time. The music was sooooooooooo loud and we danced the night away! My friend Georgia and I became completely immersed in the music – we sang “Don’t cry”, “Paranoid” and lots of Greek rock songs.

This concert was the best I have ever been to because I met lots of people and joined in the singing of every song I knew. Everyone was there: burn outs, punks, rockers, metal heads, even the trendy ones! But it didn’t matter at all while each and every one of them was feeling the strong beat through their bodies.

But I have to warn you after all this – head banging is really a very exhausting thing to do. After two hours at the concert I couldn’t even breathe!

Anastasia is a 15 year old student at the Second Senior High School in Katerini. She loves listening to Hard Rock - she went to the Scorpions concert three days ago in Salonika!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

MILIES STATION. 1895. Original Painting. John Foss, 1990


The Simple Past went far too fast
To stop at all the stations
It stopped at stations years ago
For those who wished to say hello
To friends and their relations.

But time’s moved on and lines have gone
To far flung destinations
Some haunted trains have found a track
To bring the sounds and memories back
Of steaming incarnations

The narrow gauges crossing Greece
Have always been a source of peace
For trains which ran as slow as they
helped while the hours and pass the day
And passengers rarely used them.

They leave the new ones well alone
A timetable that is quite unknown
Picked with a pin if picked at all
Trains leave at strange and useless hours
From platforms sheltered from the showers

A secret kept well hid from all
The trains of Greece held me in thrall
When using stock from years long past
The sound of horn was heard at last
The little train came into sight

It shook its head, it pawed the ground
It left the station with scarce sound
Save that of diesel revving up
And clink of driver’s coffee cup
For time stood still in rural Greece
And trains did not disturb this peace!

John Foss 24th July 2006.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A carpet thick will dull the sound
Of organ pipes in churches round
And square, and fat and long and thin
Far better put it in the bin.

For nature needs the space to speak
The sound should float round for a week
The mighty roar of Willis swell
Is one the people know full well

But carpets take in energy
From bottom A to topmost C
And rich Harmonic Trumpet's flares
Cannot be heard from 'neath the stairs

For in these days of dumbing down
The "praise band" has come into town
With strident clang and rough guitar
More suited to the local bar

These sad affairs seem ne'er to cease
I feel like calling for the P'lice!
To take away the rabid junk
The vandal and the homeless drunk.

A church should be a place of pride
To which folk come from far and wide
Yes - service has a role to play
For all too soon comes Judgement Day.

The Rum Tum Tugger. July 18th 2006.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

13 year old BENEDICT

We have been running an art course for the past three weeks. The children started by using material in books to demonstrate basic water colour techniques - washes, sketching, dry brush hatching and so on. This is Benedict's painting at the end of the course - a still life. It took him a couple of sessions and I had eaten the first tomato and cucumber for dinner before the second! However another tomato was acquired and a green pepper replaced the cucumber!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Millennium Capsule. George Misailidis

As the second millennium becomes the past many people, including me, think that it would be a good thing to make their own time capsules in order to save a memory or a piece of their lives for future generations. So, when a man from a coming generation finds this time capsule he would be dragged into the past for a look. If I wanted to give him an example of my lifetime and I had to choose only two items, these would be a photo album and a model tank.

A photo album always keeps alive memories of good times past through a lifetime. The photos I would include in the album would be the ones that described the whole path of my family beginning with my great grandfather. Also, photos of celebrations, traditional foods and special events should be included. Finally, Photos of lifestyle and technology development would give an idea of how our generation improved the way of life over several years. So this is why I have selected a photo album.

The second item I would include in the time capsule would be a model tank in order to show that our time was full of wars, death and tears. In front of the model I would put a model bottle of oil. That’s to show the person who finds it the purpose of these wars and that oil was the main source of energy.

The two items I have chosen are a photo album and a model tank to show future generations how my family passed through these years and the lifestyle and technological achievements that represented these years. Also, to show them that our period of life was not a peaceful one. I hope that future generations will appreciate and learn from this time capsule!

George Misailidis is a 15 year old student at the Fourth Senior High School in Katerini, Mount Olympus. He is studying for the Proficiency Examination in English.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Music appeals to everyone. Is there anyone who would say “I hate all kinds of music?”

Young people, mainly aged from thirteen to twenty four, prefer rock, rap and heavy metal, because with these kinds of music they express themselves. However, many people think that that kind of music will affect teenagers badly and the kids will take drugs. 80% of the world would say that rock and heavy metal will make young people violent. Heavy metal is anti Christ, rock is from hell and rap is sung by people with no personality.
But have they ever thought that maybe thes people inside their lyrics want to send a message to the whole world?
Of course, sometimes parents are right because some singers are so absorbed with evil that they think they are Evil’s Children! But teenagers also like pop music which fills them with energy and gives them an outlet from their palaces. The only thing they want at that moment is to dance! I want to say in conclusion that music relaxes teenagers, lets them think and, generally, influences them positively.

Parents all over the world listen to me! Let the teenagers express themselves!
Mary Misailidou is a 13 year old student at Junior High School

Monday, May 15, 2006


Can your life be tough at times?
Is it hard to find the rhymes?
Poets rarely make a mint
Their efforts seldom pay the rent
But writing verse has some appeal
Unless you need to buy a meal.

It could be worse when lost in thought
You don’t know if it’s must or ought
You have to go through reams of paper
Twixt shall and should is such a caper!
Can and could, must, may and might
You need to get your modals right!